Wednesday, May 18, 2005

just a theory

LYNNRA: my friends and I have a theory..that real estate expedites the relationship dating process
mofoblaq: very ture
mofoblaq: or true
mofoblaq: you should blog it
LYNNRA: everbody's looking for a cool place to live
LYNNRA: and if the person you're seeing has a better living arrangement than speeds up the dating instantly start visualizing your stuff in that space...
LYNNRA: and how much easier the commute to work would be
LYNNRA: and how much bigger the bathroom is
LYNNRA: and the bedroom
mofoblaq: "yeah and love whatever...look how close the supermarket is!"
LYNNRA: and that you would finally be able to buy that sofa that you really want cause it'll actually fit
LYNNRA: and the kitchen has alot of light......and there is a laundry room ON THE PREMESIS
LYNNRA: that's enough to cream yourself right there
LYNNRA: in house laundry..
LYNNRA: yeah....
LYNNRA: that's what seals the deal
LYNNRA: I'm done
LYNNRA: hello?
mofoblaq: yeah
mofoblaq: blog it
mofoblaq: that's funny
LYNNRA: I love that you think most of my random rantings are noteworthy
mofoblaq: they are

the one

So.. A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a friend...normal conversation for the most part. I mean as normal as it can get considering this friend is an ex-boyfriend. Cause i mean really...let's face it..covnersations with ex's can either be great...cause you realize more and more that this person was a great friend......or the conversation can take a horrible turn for the worst when you realize that you two still have the ability to hurt each others feelings and just plain piss each other off. And you end up getting off the phone mad at yourself for still allowing this person to have that sort of affect on you. It's fucking frustrating.

Now having said that....i was speaking to my "friend" about random shit...and he of course asks about my love life....wants to know if there's anyone on the scene. Now.....this of course is a genuine question...cause "friends" always ask about your love life...right?....right...that's what friends do. And i believe he was genuinely curious and there was only a slight hint of ex boyfriend ego in there wanting to know who replaced him as leading man after he broke contract and decided to leave the show. So yeah...he asked....and my immediate reaction was...."OH great you wanna just check in and see how my love life is after you pulled a Temple of Doom move on my heart!" Just ripped it out of my chest. yeah. but i didn't say any of that cause all of that happened a long time ago and we're just friends now. So ......

He asked the question about my love life....

Him: So how's you're love life....anybody on the scene?

Me: nope.

Him: Come on there's gotta be somebody trying to occupy your mean to tell me nobody out there is trying to be in your space?

Me: There is someone. Actually, I'm in love.

Him: Word?!

Me: word indeed. I think i have found the one.

Him: Really?....well who is it?

Me: Me. I'm in love with myself. I think i might be the one i've been waiting for all my life. This is one of the best relationships i've ever been in. Never before has anyone understood or appreciated me more. We have so much in common.....and we take such good care of each other. It's amazing....I think i'm the best thing that's ever happened to me. And the sex amazing.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Invisible Woman

I'm driving around Old Pasadena, of all places, lost as hell, sleepy, hungry, and my bladder about to explode. And I couldn't find a single person to give me directions. People in this state are too damn self absorbed and paranoid to pay attention to the people around them. I pulled up next to this woman who absolutely refused to look my way. I honked my horn...I rolled my window down and proceeded to wave my hands like an idiot. Still nothing. I tried the same technique a few cars down the road. Nothing. What the !@#%? Now I'm desperate cause i don't want to end up on some random freeway that takes me 50 miles out my way...and i end up in north west bumble fuck with no gas, no food, and pissy pants cause i'm afraid too get out of my car for fear of having some sort of fucked up chainsaw experience and end up fighting for my life....only to end up having my experience recreated on lifetime. And the sad thing is...that's probably the only way a little black girl with big hair and no agent could get put on in this town.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

yeah...ok....if you say so. Posted by Hello